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We are providing Medical Services through out the week. Please call us at 300 426 9339 to make an appointment.

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If you live far away or you are not in town or your kid suffered from seasonal diseases like whooping cough or dysentery then you can simply ring us up and our physicians and Doctors are always there to help you via phone call.

Welcome to Jabbar Medical Centre


Jabbar Medical Centre is the place where primary and secondary health interventions are provided to the patients on the immediate basis. We are serving the mankind for about 45 years. Jabbar MedicalCentre is the only health care provider located in the area which is equipped with hi-tech equipment where necessary treatment as well as free consultation is provided to the patients.

We are the place where your pain will be treated with care and love by higher educated and well trained staff. Jabbar Medical Centre provides the consultation because we care about your health as much as you care about your own.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy


Jabbar Medical Centre is looking forward to provide their exceptional services and consultation in the following fields like cosmetology, surgery, radiology, chemotherapy etc.

  • Cosmetology

Anyone who is fed up from the dull looking skin or wants a cosmetic surgery can simply visit our Medical Facility.

  • Radiology and neurology

Any consulting Help about radiology and neurology. No problem. A pathology department is also there where a trained pathologist will look after your diseases and will provide the possible cure.

  • ophthalmology

Our services not only stop here but we also provide consultation regarding the eye problems like infections and allergies. We have some of the best ophthalmologists. Our ophthalmology department if one of the finest located in the town.

  • Psychotherapy

Anyone who visits us we provide a free consultation regarding the psychotherapy. Our panel of educated psychotherapists will look into your matter with great care and will provide you assistance regarding your current medical condition.

  • Burn and trauma centre

For the emergency situations Jabbar medical Centre has a separate area. Patients who have had accident or who burnt themselves are taken to this area and first aid is provided on immediate basis. After this the patient is given advices on how he has to manage his condition.

  • OT (operation theatre)

Our operation theatre is equipped with latest equipment. Surgeries and minor operations are conducted in the OT.

  • ENT department

Our ENT department is very efficient and consists of some highly educated doctors. If you have any problems regarding your nose, throat or ear you can visit us without any hesitation.

  • Cardiology

We are fortunate to have some of the world’s top cardiologist as a part of our panel. Anyone suffering from heart stroke or myocardial infarction can simply visit for the check up.

  • Coronary care unit

In this department the physicians will help you related to your coronary heart diseases.

  • Gastroenterology

This department deals in the all the problems related to your digestive system like flatulence, irritable bowel disease, diarrhea, indigestion etc.

  • Hematology

Any problems or diseases related to blood like thalassemia or any other blood borne diseases will be diagnosed and a proper intervention will be provided by our doctors.


Every week our free eye checkup camp is held which provides free treatment as well as free consultation about the eye related issues.

  • Camp for regular blood pressure

Also the camp for free blood pressure checkup is organized along with the other camps. Blood pressure is a very serious disorder which can be fatal also so we ensure that our patients get themselves checked on regular basis.

  • Camps for pediatrics and geriatrics

Camps for pediatrics and geriatrics are also held under the qualified experts from Jabbar Medical Centre.

  • Camp for diabetic patients

We also organize a free camp for diabetic patients. In this camp the worries of the patients are heard with great interest and then the relevant management is proposed.


Jabbar Medical Centre medical provides gynecology services under the supervision of experienced and trained gynecologists.

The staff working here will look after your health needs with great care and interest. Apart from these services usually an area is allocated for the dentistry department. If you have any problem related to your teeth that will be treated here with care.


Jabbar Medical Centre also offer laboratory tests like blood test, ALT, LFT, urine test and even blood glucose level testing. So if anyone wants a routine checkup of his or her blood glucose level or urine, can simply visit the medical centre. Medical centre have a


Recently some medical centre are also providing the facility of vaccination to the newborn and adult too and we are among them. Vaccination against TB, measles, rubella and polio are usually provided.


Jabbar Medical Centre also has a pharmacy. A registered pharmacist will always be present there who will provide a detailed counseling. He will address the patient and will counsel him about the medicine’s adverse effects and benefits. He will also check your lab reports and your prescription. Under some situations, he can recommend you OTC medicines for flu and cough.

Jabbar Medical Centre provides counseling related to the women health. If the women is pregnant or taking contraceptives then it is the duty of a pharmacist to guide her related to the ADR’S of the medication she is taking.


Jabbar Medical Centre is a place where all your worries will be treated and a free counseling will be given to the problems like insomnia, anxiety or depression. They are opened every day and you can visit anytime you want. The medical staff and physician will always be present there to facilitate you.


If you live far away or you are not in town or your kid suffered from seasonal diseases like whooping cough or dysentery then you can simply ring us up and our physicians and Doctors are always there to help you via phone call.

No matter how unwell you are you will be given first aid services and our friendly staff will take care of your health with care and love. Jabbar Medical Centre is surely the place, which will cure your diseases, and you can visit us for the counseling purpose too.

We feel it as our responsibility to provide services for the welfare of the mankind because we believe that health is an important asset of life. The team and the staff of Jabbar medical Centre will be overwhelmed if you visit us and utilize our services.

About us

A Place That Provides Health Care Services

Services Provided By Jabbar Medical Health Centre

  • Free Checkup Camps
  • Free Consulting
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Vaccination Services
  • Pharmacy

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